A New Year

January 15, 2018 alhidmatos@gmail.com No comments exist

A new year has arrived with goals, ambitions and desires that we might have harbored from the past year. As artists we are constantly searching for new projects, subjects, and ideas to create. Taking on these new challenges evokes a great deal of mental effort for the creative mind. We look at the artistic styles of both artists of the past and the new emerging art that is constantly being displayed in the art markets and social media of today’s competitive world. We tend to ask ourselves the rhetorical question ”Where does my art fit amongst the sea of so many styles and mediums, not to mention the emerging digital art medium that is most prevalent among the younger generation of artists?” On this quest, over the past year I have had the privilege of visiting art museums of the abstract such as Salvador Dali to the contemporary and also to the classical old masters of the European style of art such as Rubens, Rembrandt, and Velasquez as well as some of the work from the American school of Art and the Hudson River School of Art. These have been educational and an inspirational experiences that have given me a sense of creative motivation. These experiences would challenge any emerging artist to purse his own manner of style and expression. Art does not need to be scientific or realistic all the time. It can become a sort of merger of the abstract and the realistic, of the poetical and the colorful all together conveying the inner feeling of its creator the artist himself. As I was looking at the portraits of the old masters you can see in faces either a sense of happiness or of anguish, of prosperity or of harshness all captured by the skillful eye and execution of the artist’s hand. As I research for new subjects to paint, I have reflected on this year’s past experiences and explored different styles and mediums to find my own. In “Romantic Evening” I wanted to use a realistic approach with colorful expressions. I hope you are able to see what I have tried to achieve in this painting.

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