Growing up in Miami, Florida, Al has had a love for art since he was a child. His favorite events were always the local art shows in Coconut Grove, and East Las Olas Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as well as the many museums in and around the cities. At an early age he was fascinated with the fine arts and was always found drawing and painting. He would create drawings of his friends in caricature and would also practice drawing from comic super hero magazines. He would then learn about painting through watching Public Broadcasting Television that frequently aired painting shows  and by applying this knowledge onto canvas. Throughout his years in school Al would attend all of the art classes that he could. Subjects of study were in drawing, painting, commercial art, graphic design, offset lithography, relief printing, engraving, and four color process printing. Al would later go on to win a store front design contest for a local vendor. This would motivate him to developed a passion for the fine arts. Al continued to further his studies in the graphic arts and the offset printing technologies by attending Miami Lakes Technological Center. Upon graduation, Al went to work in the art departments of local print shops throughout South Florida. Later moving to Central Florida, Al  joined several art organizations including the Central Florida Plein Air Artists and the Titusville Art League. He continued to improve in his skills by taking painting lessons from experienced artists in the field such as the late John Slater. He also took several workshop classes in oil and acrylic painting. Today Al continues to pursue his interest in art through the application of different mediums, techniques, and subject matters.